University of Hawaii Alumni Invest $100k in College Entrepreneurship Programs

These days, it’s not just universities that are investing in college entrepreneurship programs, as alumni are also becoming interested in them. The University of Hawaii is no exception, as alumni of that school’s Shindler College of Business recently gave a $100,000 grant toward that institution’s entrepreneurship center.

The grant was given to the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE), which is located at the Manoa campus. The gift is intended to support education and research for student members, and will allow the center to renovate and expand its current facilities. Expansion in turn will allow the school to essentially double the number of programs offered, in addition to introducing an entrepreneurial curriculum.

In February 2014, the University of Hawaii set a goal of raising $3 million over a five-year period to improve and increase entrepreneurial programs at its Shindler College of Business. The alumni gift now brings the total amount of money raised to more than $1.9 million. In recognition for their gift, the conference room at the newly-renovated PACE location will be named in honor of the Shindler College of Business Alumni Association.

Association President Lillian Rodolfich stated that the group was proud to support UH students by investing in PACE. According to Rodolfich, the alumni association has an ongoing commitment to empower students to help them achieve their dreams.

Over the next few years, the expanded program at the University of Hawaii will help graduates become more successful by affording them with opportunities they wouldn’t normally have access to.