The Dallas Entreprenuer Center Focuses on Women and Minorities in Entrepreneurship

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) serves business owners in the Dallas metropolitan area by providing mentorship, training, and promotion in an effort to help them become successful. This organization has recently taken steps to increase the number of women and minorities in entrepreneurship through a number of programs.

Helping Women

The DEC’s efforts toward helping women have been largely focused on increasing the number of females involved in technology-related businesses. In 2014, they helped put on the first ever Top 25 Women in Technology Event. This event was so successful that they plan on hosting another one in 2015, and will have many of the same speakers returning. They also hosted an event along with Tech Wildcatters, a local B2B accelerator, that was centered around women entrepreneurs. The first Startup Weekend Women will be held in 2015 as well.


The Dallas Entrepreneurship Center solidified its commitment to helping Latino entrepreneurs by signing a partnership with the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. They are also in the process of completing a similar deal with Dallas’ Black Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, this group’s goal will be to reach out to even more minority groups and include them in the various programs they have available.

The Dallas Entrepreneurship Center believes that failing to reach out to any one particular group of people could result in the community missing out on new ideas that could be beneficial to society as a whole. They recognize that people of all ages, races and walks of life are capable of becoming entrepreneurs, and they are proud to be a part of helping each one of them become successful.