An introduction to “How to be a Good Time Traveler” from EO’s Western Regional Trifecta Summit.

Did you know that 75% of high performing entrepreneurs have suffered some kind of deep trauma in their lives and that many of them have never addressed it?


Childhood trauma can create behaviors that serve early entrepreneurs well, but create roadblocks later in life – where old traumas interfere with good decision making.

Through his own story of sexual abuse, abandonment, and addiction, sociologist and entrepreneur Travis Luther examines the link between childhood trauma and early success and offers a framework for breaking free from past trauma to create a future that’s all your own.

In his keynote speech, Travis will examine:

  • How childhood trauma correlates to early entrepreneurial success
  • How future success is stunted when old traumas reinforce unhealthy behavior
  • How to recognize unhealthy traumatic behavior in everyday life
  • How to swap old traumatic motivations for healthy ones that let your life and business thrive!

About the Speaker:

Travis Luther, MA is a sociologist and entrepreneur. He is also the President of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Colorado.

As a sociologist, Luther is a recognized expert in community and social stratification. He is the best selling author of The Fun Side of the Wall, a sociological exploration of community and contemporary retirement. His work has been seen or cited in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The Atlantic.

As an entrepreneur, Luther is the Founder of Luther Media, LLC whose companies have included TrialLine , ValetAdsQueen Anne Pillow Company, and Law Father. He grew-up in rural Washington state and now lives in Denver, Colorado.

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