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10/05/2022 – How I Sold podcast with Jessica Fialkovich – LISTEN TO: “S1 E2: How I sold Queen Anne Pillow Company with Travis Luther

“We start back in the beginning with everyone who comes onto the show. We go back in time with Travis to learn about his first business selling mice to a local pet store, learn about his two coffee shops, his legal technology companies, to his most recent exit, the sale of Queen Anne Pillow Company, a luxury pillow manufacturing company he founded in 2014.

04/07/2020 – Elevation Nation podcast with Klyn Elsbury – LISTEN TO: “S1 E1: What to do when you’re feeling defeated with Travis Luther of TrialLine & Queen Anne Pillow Company

“And yeah, we were we were absolutely dependent on on welfare in the state for every so you know that that does two things, one that you don’t feel like you have a lot of options and you don’t really talk about the future very much especially when your life is full. Trying to survive and in the moment, and two, you get really ostracized from the rest of the community, you know, especially in a small community, it was obvious that my mom was young, it was obvious that we didn’t have a father around, it was obvious that we were poor and didn’t have any money. And so, you know, on the other hand, that also keeps people from wanting to be around you or from wanting to let their kids be around you or from, you know, as I got older from feeling like I was someone that could be counted on to wash the dishes at someone’s restaurant, or whatever the case may be.”

04/01/2020 – Maximum Enthusiasm podcast with Megan Hottman – LISTEN TO: “Ep 40 Interview with Travis Luther, The 5 Pillars of a Prolific Life

“A mentor told me that I would probably never be a successful person because my interests were so varied… and to be successful, you have to keep a single focus and build a career on it. For me personally, I’ve never been able to do that. There’s too much itch in my brain if you will and too many things I’m interested in…. I have found a way to take those broad interests and implement a personal philosophy that’s allowed me to do a number of things well…”

travis luther legal tech trialline podcast03/10/2020 – Legal Tech StartUp Focus podcast with Charlie Uniman – LISTEN TO: “Ep 010 Interview with Travis Luther, founder and CEO of

“Charlie covers Travis’s entré into legal tech, with Travis describing how it all began with a kiss (yes, really). Charlie and Travis next dive into the genesis, features and “special sauce” of the TrialLine application itself. From there, Travis discusses his customers’ profile and his approach to marketing to his customers, emphasizing the success that he’s had in driving customer acquisition with instructional content-creation, skillful use of social media, and deftly undertaken thought-leadership campaigns.”

travis luther wall street journal12/19/2019 – The Wall Street Journal – LISTEN TO: “A Year in the Middle of a Trade War

Travis Luther discusses the consequences of the U.S./China trade war for small businesses, and, specifically for his company, Queen Anne Pillow.

The U.S. announced a “phase one” trade deal with China last week, halting the trade war between the countries. WSJ’s Jacob Schlesinger looks back on a year of escalating tariffs and explains what it was like for businesses caught in the middle.

06/25/2019 – LegalTechLIVE with Nick Rishwain – LISTEN TO: “Travis Luther, CEO of Legal Timeline Company TrialLine

“Travis Luther is a very experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience in the digital media space. He explains how his experience creating demonstratives and trial exhibits for attorneys turned into an a very refined litigation timeline tool for those lawyers.”

05/20/2019 – Reinventing Professionals with Ari Kaplan – LISTEN TO: “Using Technology to Tell Better Stories in the Courtroom

“We discussed the genesis of Law Father, the release of TrialLine, how technology has changed the way lawyers tell stories in the courtroom, ways that it has improved how they organize cases and develop strategies, and where case management technology is headed.”

04/26/2019 – The Law Entrepreneur with Neil Tyra – LISTEN TO: “How TrialLine is Changing Legal Presentations & Storytelling

“Travis Luther is the creator of LawFather, an award-winning digital media agency for lawyers and law firms. They offer clients traditional digital marketing services like web design and search engine optimization, but on top of that, they create innovative mediation and trial support products like digital settlement brochures.”

08/17/2017 – Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas – LISTEN TO: “The Justice System is Deteriorating Before Our Eyes. Travis Luther to the Rescue.

“In 2007, Travis became the rebellious face of a traditionally stodgy legal industry when he launched LawFather, a digital-media agency for trial lawyers. He attributes his decade-long success to seeking out clients who share his passion for protecting the justice system and his unabashed approach to educating consumers.”