Podcast Appearances

Below you will find samples of Travis Luther’s past podcast guest appearances. To invite Travis on to your show, please visit our contact page and submit a contact form.

04/26/2019 – The Law Entrepreneur with Neil Tyra – LISTEN TO: “How TrialLine is Changing Legal Presentations & Storytelling

“Travis Luther is the creator of LawFather, an award-winning digital media agency for lawyers and law firms. They offer clients traditional digital marketing services like web design and search engine optimization, but on top of that, they create innovative mediation and trial support products like digital settlement brochures.”

08/17/2017 – Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas – LISTEN TO: “The Justice System is Deteriorating Before Our Eyes. Travis Luther to the Rescue.

“In 2007, Travis became the rebellious face of a traditionally stodgy legal industry when he launched LawFather, a digital-media agency for trial lawyers. He attributes his decade-long success to seeking out clients who share his passion for protecting the justice system and his unabashed approach to educating consumers.”