University of Colorado Denver Awards Travis Luther 2017 Alumni Appreciation Award

Travis Luther has been awarded the 2017 University of Colorado Denver’s (UCD) Alumni Appreciation Award. He received the award during an October 14th breakfast, celebrating other outstanding alumni and the launch of Lynx Fest, UCD’s annual homecoming event.

Luther graduated from the University with a Master’s Degree in Sociology in 2010. His thesis work, which explored retired US expats living in Mexico, is being updated into a full-length book, to be released in 2018.

Luther received the award in appreciation of his commitment to expanding the reputation of CU Denver students as exceptional entrepreneurs. Luther is himself a successful entrepreneur and serves as a college liaison between Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and Colorado colleges and universties . Through his role as Director of the Colorado Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards (GSEA), Luther provides students with the mentorship and capital they need to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavors.​

Travis Luther, Class of 2010, MA in Sociology – 2017 Alumni Appreciation Award Recipient