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Research Highlights Top 3 Universities Producing Female Entrepreneurs

Though the number of men and women in the United States is pretty even (actually, from the last U.S. Census, women hold a 7 million person advantage), men start many more new businesses than women every year. In fact men own 70% of all businesses in the United States. But even though there are more male entrepreneurs than female, three universities are working hard to close that undeniable gender gap.

According to research firm PitchBook, three entrepreneurship programs seem to have the secret to molding women into entrepreneurial leaders.  PitchBook conducted a five year study between 2009 to 2014.  They ranked universities based on three factors:

  • the number of females who completed undergraduate degrees,
  • the number of graduates who founded companies, and
  • the number of graduates who were able to raise venture capital funds.

Here are the top 3 universities, according to PitchBook, that lead the nation in creating successful female entrepreneurs:

3.) Harvard University

This Ivy League gem seems to have no problem finding itself at the top of “Best of…” lists year after year. Boston’s Harvard University has no problem attracting talent, which may explain thier number three ranking. Harvard reported twenty-nine women who completed their undergraduate programs and secured VC funding over the 5-year survey period.  Harvard also receives the top mark – number 1 – for producing female MBAs who go on to found their own businesses.

2.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Taking second place for the most female undergraduates in the last five years who went on to create venture capital backed companies is Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  During the 5 year survey period, MIT had 31 female undergraduates successfully raise VC funding.  It’s no surprise MIT ranks high in producing female entrepreneurs since its core studies focus heavily on computer science and engineering, which seem to be the industries capable or generating significant VC funding.

1.) Stanford 

It’s probably no coincidence that Stanford leads all other schools in producing successful undergraduate female entrepreneurs since it is located in the heart of “Silicon Valley”, a popular destination for Venture Capitalists and their money.  Stanford has built an impressive resume over the last five years by producing 40 female entrepreneurs with undergraduate degrees that have secured venture capital funding for their companies.  That number tops any other entrepreneurial program in the U.S.  Stanford also reported the largest number of undergraduate female graduates.

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