Power Moves NOLA Encourages Minorities in Entrepreneurship

Power Moves NOLA, a seed company based in New Orleans, is focused on creating opportunities for minorities in Entrepreneurship. The opportunities are designed to allow entrepreneurs to take home a salary and focus on building their business. Power Moves NOLA offers several areas of interest to budding minority entrepreneurs.

Rising Stars Bootcamp

Done in partnership with a leading startup accelerator, TechStars, the Bootcamp is a two day training event for early-stage minority entrepreneurs. Twenty-five companies were invited to the last event. The grand prize was $50,000, with a second place prize of $25,000 and five individuals invited to Power Moves NOLA’s mentorship program.

Power Pitch

Power Pitch Events are multiple one day events throughout the year with opportunities for minority entrepreneurs to pitch their company to investors. Companies wishing to participate in these events need to be minority-lead, investment-ready and invited to apply.

There were three events over the last year. The biggest pitch event was sponsored by Chevron, with a $5000 additional prize. The two other events were sponsored by Liberty Bank and Entergy.

Companies involved in Power Moves NOLA can come from any industry. In attendance at last year’s events were beauty companies, college guidance companies, exercise and social marketing apps and more.

Upcoming Year

Minorities interested in finding out more about Power Moves NOLA can get information at the upcoming NOEW 2015 in March. NOEW 2015 is the event for New Orleans entrepreneurs and others who desire to interact with the 30 plus investment organizations, including Power Moves NOLA, at the event.