by Travis Scott Luther

Great America is a utopian city-state powered by maximum consumption. As Christmas fast approaches, a series of mysterious explosions threatens to ruin the best shopping of the year.

Led by billionaire landfill baron Carson Hellahoals, Great America’s only source of revenue is the Disposal Tax. Consequently, the poor live in mansions surrounded by things they cannot afford to throw away, while Great America’s elite live in hotels and show off their wealth by trashing their possessions.

Hellahoals’s son has been murdered. The accused are an underground group of Hoarders who have been leaving illegal collections of books, record albums, and other “antiques” all over the city. One step ahead of the authorities, these Hoarders have discovered a secret about the explosions – a secret that could topple Hellahoals and ruin Christmas in Great America forever.

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Want to know a little more? Boxing Day is a futuristic, satirical dystopia that takes place in a country called Great America, a city-state that has succeeded from the United States. The novel explores a world operating at maximum consumption. There is only one tax in Great America, the Disposal Tax. The wealthiest members of society can afford the tax, so they buy everything they need for each day (i.e. shoes, dishes, housing, etc.) and then throw it away. Poor people cannot afford to pay the Disposal Tax, and, as a consequence, are forced to live in mansions in the suburbs, surrounded by boxes of their stuff.

Author Travis Scott Luther

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