Meditation Log: Day 2

Meditation Log: Day 2

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I skipped meditation yesterday. I haven’t thought hard enough about how to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. But I think I’ve figured out now that this can happen as soon as I return from walking the kids to school. BUT – I travel for work the next three days, so I’ll need to think tonight about committing to a time to do this while I’m away (and NOT trying to figure it out while I’m away).

This morning, my inclination was to return to my words exercise from day one. I did this for about 30 seconds, but realized this was not the point. What I am working towards is being able to do this meditation with little to no mental distraction, so, starting off with some distraction on purpose was not working in the right spirit of the exercise.

I met with my guide yesterday and he reminded me to focus on my breath. That’s it – that’s what we are working toward, 10 minutes of uninterrupted focus on my breath.

Today, the first two minutes went very fast, then, my phone (which also serves as my timer) rang and I could see it was a client calling. I like the client, but I still had an “oh shit” moment. I began to stress that I was going to spend the rest of my 10 minutes focused on why he might be calling. However, I shut that out and just told myself to get back and focused on my breath. I did – but the next few minutes felt like an eternity as I waited to get my stress level back down and my mind in the zone. That happened a lot quicker than I expected – and, just like day 1, when the timer actually did go off, I thought, “Wow, that went by pretty fast.”

At the conclusion of this morning’s meditation, rather than having a “to-do” for myself , I had a tiny physical sensation of euphoria combined with that lightheadedness that comes from attempting a handstand. Is was a good combo…

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