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Ever since I wrote my Master’s Thesis on U.S. Baby Boomer expats leaving the states in search of something better (i.e. better economics or better community), I’ve had in the back of my mind the idea that I had a role to play in inspiring baby boomer entrepreneurship. So today I’ve started to launch a few social media marketing programs with the hope of building a like minded community of entrepreneurial baby boomers. If that sounds up your alley, click on over to and join our growing group. Our mission is to empower Baby Boomers with the knowledge they need to successfully launch their entrepreneurial pursuits.

An outstanding learning and networking event for new entrepreneurs! MSUD CFI Professor of Entrepreneurship Travis Luther is hosting an online learning event with Google at his company’s ( Greenwood Village, CO office in the Denver Tech Center. If you believe the internet might be a way you will find and connect with customers, this FREE event should be of significant interest to you. More Details are available here: You may also call Law Father’s office at (800) 325-7715. Free lunch is included! I hope you can participate in this valuable online marketing and networking event.

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Below is a video titled “The Strength of Weak Ties: Using Online Social Networking to Pocket Social Capital.” It is a video of a presentation I gave to a group of lawyers related to online social networking and accumulating social capital. While the presentation is addressed to attorneys, the themes, terminology, and instructions are applicable to almost any individual and business. The general theme of the presentation is that by expanding one’s social network, one can improve the quantity and quality of  information that comes into that network. This new information can be extremely valuable to our businesses because it can generate new leads and new ideas – as well as keep us better informed as to what is new or emerging within our industries. Once we understand what social capital is and the role it can play in our businesses, we can formulate a strategy that takes advantage of online social networks as an additional way to accumulate social capital.

If you find the information within this video to be important and valuable, please share it with your friends and acquaintances via the social networking links below. Thanks!